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Title: The Day The Earth Fell Back To Its Place
Summary:  The Master is shot
Characters: Doctor, Master, everyone that were present in The Last of the Timelord
Rating: G?
Spoilers:The Last of the Timelords
Warnings: Angst. Lots of it!
Disclaimer: I own nothing blah blah blah
Betas: None :( If someone wants to be my beta, it would be more than amazing! English isn't my first language, and I still got lots of learning to do!

I guess this is kind of part 2 to : http://sofia-rock.livejournal.com/1796.html but it's just from the Master's point of view.

The day the earth fell back to it's place


Pa, da, da dam. Pa, da, da, dam. Pa, da, da, dam.


Hear the drums, Doctor. They're here, listen, pa, da, da, dam, pa, da, da, dam. Over and over again.

It starts, it stops, it starts again. But it never stops for good, not ever.


Why won't you hear it too, Theta, it would be easier, easier to explain if you did...


In the dark the drums were always louder and faster. I remember it, I remember how afraid I was. When I was a little child, locked into the basement by my dad. I don't know what I did, but apparently it was bad, so bad I had to be locked in.

Left alone with just the drums, the sound was unbearable. I just wanted to go crazy, go mad, go insane, I wanted to die, if that would only stop the noise the noise the noise inside my head, deep inside my brain, the screaming drums!


You say you can help me, but how could you, when you just don't hear it!

Or maybe you do. Maybe you just pretend everything, because you want me to have all of it, blame me for everything. Maybe you couldn't stand it, that I would be the one who fell, and that you were to be left alone after all.


All this banging. Someone is knocking, Doctor, someone is knocking inside my head and I can't let them in. I just can't.


Theta, I'm so afraid...


You never asked me why. Never, for once, it didn't occur to you that maybe I wasn't mad, that maybe it was all because of the drums. Because they never left me alone, even after all this time.


1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 over and over and over again.


Haunted, disturbed, watched by the never ending sound of drums.


It was so cold that I started to shake, in that basement. I started to shake to the rythm of the drums and then I decided, Doctor, that I would make it end. If it was the last thing I did, I would make it end.

Everyone, everything in the universum would obey me, be stopped by me, be done to the rythm of my drums, for I would become something now, something powerful. Someone who wouldn't be afraid, shivering, swallowed by the darkness.


The Master of everything, Doctor! I became the Master that same day!


Pa, da, da dam. Pa, da, da, dam. Pa, da, da, dam.


It almost worked, my plan. Almost.


Pa, da, da dam. Pa, da, da, dam. Pa, da, da, dam.


The bullet pushed it's way through me, and it hurts so...

My dearest Lucy, my blooming rose, you betrayed me in the cruelest way.


I was almost a God!


But I won't let you win, Doctor. You won't get to keep me, you'll never get to keep me, you'll never get to keep me.


It almost worked, my plan.


At least the drumming will end now. I do hope the drumming will end.


But I am still afraid to die.


Title: Time And Other Abstract Things 2/2
Summary: A story of what happened to Rose after "Doomsday". The fic assumes that none of the things after that episode ever happened, including Donna appearing into the Tardis. So complitely AU.
Pairing: The Doctor/Rose, OC/Rose
Characters: Rose, The Doctor, few OC:s
Rating: From G to PC-13, I think?
Spoilers: 1st and 2nd season.
Warnings: Not exactly a happy ending...
Disclaimer: I own nothing and the plot from Prologue on is complitely fictional and never happened in the actual series
Betas: None :( If someone wants to be my beta, it would be more than amazing! English isn't my first language, and I still got lots of learning  to do!

A/N: So I was too lazy to find out the actual dates for the oncoming title etc. I'm sorry for all the errors that there still are in the story.

Prologue: http://sofia-rock.livejournal.com/2204.html

Part 1: http://sofia-rock.livejournal.com/2530.html



3. 10. 5. 2037, London, Great-Britain


She's had enough.

30 years in confusion and fake feelings and strange brain factories is enough.

Rose hates herself, but she just can't stand this anymore, she's going to take the retcon.

30 years, and now she's decided to forget.

The day that the memories would've faded never came. She waited, though, she waited so long and faithfully.

10950 sunsets and sunrises and it never came.

Nobody should blame her, Rose just wants to breathe for a while, she wants to spend the rest of her years in some kind of satisfaction with her children and husband.


5 years ago Jackie died.

Rose declined to go and take care of her father. It was too ironic to see Pete mourning after her and know that in real world he was supposed to be dead far before his wife.

Rose, John, Riette and Gary Winston, her boyfriend went to the funeral all dressed in black, but the weather was incredibly bright and sunny. The birds were all singing and the little kids were driving around with electronic mini-cars and little girls were skipping right before the mausoleum.

It made Rose furious. It should be raining when her mother dies, this was not fair! The contrast was only heartbreaking. All and all, everything in this new world was just one big contrast.

Rose had seen more than any human being could ever imagine and now here she was, in a normal world, witnessing as first people landed on Mars!

Everybody cheers!

Everybody cries!


Everbody dies.


Not long after that Peter had passed away too. He couldn't live without his wife.

Irony, Ah, Irony! Rose had thought and hadn't know whether she should laugh or cry.

She had cried.


They buried her father next to mum in the Summer of 2033. On the funeral day the water had been pouring down like the whole sky was crying.


Even today Rose doesn't quite realize she is sort of an orphan now. There's no dad, there's no mum, there's no Doctor.

Yes, she has her fabulous kids, but that's not enough. That should be enough, to every mother and every wife and that's why she's decided to take the retcon, only now she's gathered up her courage to finally do it.


She stands in a bedroom empty of people aside from herself. On the table there are three little white pills, right next to the birthday cards of this year.

”Happy Birthday Rose, 51 years and still going strong! You're he best mum there could ever be”

From Riette and her husband, of course.

”Mum, you're the dearest! Have fun on your birthday!”

That one was from John.

”Dear wife,

We've shared our best years with each other, we've had two amazing and beautiful kids who have grown into astonishingly responsible adults, mostly because of you.

We've managed to spend all these years without breaking up, and without any other in our hearts than us.

At least I can honestly say that there has been no other woman in my life.

I love you, and only you Rose, and I will love you till and after I die.


Yours truly,



Rose realizes she's been holding her breath, as she's been trying not to cry. She breathes out and squeezes her eyes shut tightly for a minute.

Then she gathers up the pills, takes a glass of water, quickly, quickly, before she breaks down and chickens out again.


And she swallows.

And she swallows.

And she swallows.




”Hey, you there, excuse me!”


An old grey bearded man, wearing a blue coat and yellow rubber boots turns to look at the man who's shouting at him.


”What do you want?” he asks suspiciously.


”Ah, me? I just wonder if you could tell me what year it is?” The other man asks eagerly.


”It's 2037, are you drunk or something?”


”Thank you!” The man says, turns jumping around and runs around the corner, leaving the old guy shaking his head and muttering something mean about kids of these days always interrupting elderly men.


The Doctor hasn't time to think about it much, he just wants to find Lacer Street more than he's been wanting anything in a long long while.

He runs around looking at the signs on the walls.


He has spent... He doesn't quite remember how much time, but alot, and now he's finally found a way! He's broken the wall! Not too much of course, not that the entire universe would collapse, just a crack big enough to bring through the Tardis, and with it, the last of the Time Lords, himself.

After he finally realized what he'd have to do in the year 2000, he had travelled around the whole universe, in 15 different places all in all to find the cordinates he needed. It was still risky, but he did it all without a moment of hesitating.


”A-haa! Lacer Street!” The Doctor shouts in child-like expectation as he notices the sign and runs off to find the right flat.


It's late in the evening, so the front door is locked. You can't get in without the right code or a key. The Doctor curses. He had been planning not to use the sonic srewdriver in a while, but since he has no other option than that, apart from breaking down the whole door, he pulls it out and opens the door in a flash of blue light. He closes it behind him and lopes all 39 steps to get to 3rd floor, in front of a big metallic door that says ”Jackson- Tyler”


He rings the doorbell and waits.




There's someone at the door.


Rose sighs when she hears the bell ringing. Who on Earth could it be? Noah is at work and she's said to all the others that she wants to be alone today.

It takes 15 minutes for retcon to start effecting and she wants to spent them well; alone.

She decides not to go get the door and sits down on a chair, because her feet have started to shake.

She faintly realizes that her heart beats incredibly fast, and because it's so silent, it's like sound of drums that just keeps getting faster and faster and louder and louder and....


The door opens.


Rose jumps up complitely frightened. Her first reaction would be to grab the baseball bat by the door, but something tells her that whoever came from the door isn't dangerous.


”Hello? Is anybody home?”


The voice is a man's voice and oddly familiar. Rose walks to the door and peeks.




Oh my Lord!


”Rose, it is you! Older than we last met, eh? But look at you, you still haven't changed at all!”


”No...” Rose whispers. ”Oh no no no no no!”


”What?” The Doctor asks, warm look in his eyes slowly starting to turn startled ”What is it? What's wrong?”


”You... came back” Rose groans and falls down, for her feet no longer carry her weight. The Doctor runs next to her and bends quickly.


It can't be, it can't!


”I did, Rose, and I missed you so much, but now I'm here. So tell me what's wrong?” There was something incredibly disturbing in the air, the Doctor could feel it and... he was suddenly scared.


”The Retcon...” Rose whispers. The Doctor's eyes grow larger in apprehension.


”But... you didn't take it! You told me that, you hid it and just pretended...”


Rose is too shocked to wonder how the Doctor knows that. She puts two fingers down her throat like she's trying to vomit but it doesn't help. You can't vomit retcon, it's impossible. Once you take it there's no coming back.


”It's been 30 years, Doctor, 30 years... I couldn't take it anymore, I simply couldn't! Mother's gone and dad's gone and I'm so very very alone and it hurts. You know how it feels like, don't you? Don't answer, I know you do.” And she tries to vomit again, in spite of knowing that it doesn't help.


”How long ago?” The Doctor asks. He's never felt this weak and powerless in his entire life.


”I have..” she looks at the clock on the wall ”15 seconds...left...You know I love you, I always did” Rose speaks out fast. The Doctor suffocates inside his own ocean of mind, surrounded by sharks and he drowns and falls down.


Help me!


”I know it, Rose, I do. And I understand you, you will have a good life with Noah from now on, I know it, don't worry, it's gonna be alright, I swear” The Doctor babbles out and does the only thing he can right now: He holds her.


”I'm so sorry” Rose whispers and tears start to pour out of her old, old yes.


”I love you” The Doctor says silently.


The light in Rose's eyes changes in a second and finally reforms. The Doctor pulls her off his arms and Rose throws her head back a bit.

The change is almost physical. The Doctor sits on the floor, feet tangled and looks with vulnerable eyes as an invisible vail falls on her and wipes away all the painful memories that have bothered her for so long.


Rose opens her eyes as if it was a sign of her reborning.


They both stand up. The Doctor looks at her and he can see that there's nothing left anymore, as she opens her mouth to speak.


”I'm terribly sorry but... Who might you be?” Rose asks with a confused look in her eyes.


”Me... I'm just an old friend” The Doctor answers, not looking at her, his face complitely expressionless.


”I really am sorry, but I don't remember you at all, my boy... You seem so young but you have such old eyes... What is your name?”


”I'm... The Doctor”


”A Doctor, huh? Maybe you can cure me, I'm feeling a bit strange and I have a terrible headache” Rose laughs. The Doctor doesn't join her.

”I'm sorry but I have to go” he simply says and turns around, not looking at her again even once.


He goes straight to the door and out to the yard.

The porch is dripping water on him when he steps outside, on to the asphalt and over the wet grass, out of the gate. Apparently it started raining while he was inside.


I ment to tell you today...


He swallows the sob that is treatingly starting to form in his throat and he looks up. There are no starts to be seen, only water against the black sky.

London water.

Grey, unplesant British rain, not that fairytale one, that makes every parting more dramatic and charming and delicate. No, this is just same old water from the London Canale, that has reformed into clouds in the sky and is now pouring down again.

Nothing delicate, nothing dramatic.


Just painful.


The Doctor walks slowly in the shady night all the way to the other side of the town where Tardis is still standing ever faithfully.

Suddenly he brushes it's blue wooden door without thinking, trying to force all bad thoughts to go away. His hand's movement changes slowly from stroking to hitting and he hits and beats off the Tardis door over and over and over again, right until his hand bleeds.

He backs off slowly and stands straight into a pond of rainwater. He bites his lower lip until it bleeds too and looks up again. The stars still aren't there.


He sighs shakingly and without any more dawdling grabs the Tardis keys, and is just about to open the door when he hears someone calling his name.




For a moment he thinks it's Rose, the voice is a bit familiar, but it's impossible.

It simply can't be her.


A young man runs into the Doctor's range of vision, panting like he has run a marathon.


”It's me, John. I'm Rose's son. I followed you all the way!”


The Doctor doesn't know what to think, he just wants this to be over quickly...


”Oh, you... Listen, I really have to go...”


”I want to come with you!”


The Doctor's facial expression changes complitely from devastated to suprised.




”I know who you are! You were in love with my mum. I used to listen to her as a child. I know you.”


”John, I'm sorry, I really am...”


”I'm not normal, Doctor, I remember things. I remember everything that's ever happened to me, I remember the hospital I was born in. I remember flashes of my time in the womb. I remember how mum used to talk to me, tell me about you when I was about 2 months old. She really loved you.

And that was when I started to too.” The young man looks desperate. ”You don't understand what it's like...

I knew right from the start that she didn't take those amnesia pills. And I continued to listen to her talk....

Now it's all gonna change anyway. Mum took the pills now, didn't she? I know she did.

Riette has gone married, she's happy. Grandma and grandpa died many years ago. Tony moved to France with his boyfriend and Daddy's still working in Torchwood, he's become a respected veteran now.

They're all where they belong but mum...


Mum's dying.


You know that, don't you? She's gonna die any day soon now, she can't live without her memories of you. They were her strenght and curse and she cherised them just like you did...

There's nothing for me here, let me come with you.”


”I can't... It'll be dangerous and you're just a kid.” The Doctor refuses to look into those eyes.


”I'm 20. She was 19 when you met.”


”And look what happened.”


”But she wouldn't change it for a world, she told me that! You're amazing, all the things you've seen, every planet, every light, every war, every surviving!”


The Doctor gazes his eyes down:


”You don't know what you're asking for.”


”Belive me, I do. And you don't stand it all alone, not after this. You need someone.” John looks at the Doctor, his hands shaking desperatley in the pockets of his jacket.


”You do realize you can't ever return.” Rose's eyes... Rose's eyes...


”I do. Look, I've already said goodbye to everyone” John grins. ”I know you're gonna say yes.”


The Doctor stays silent. John shivers in anticipation and tries to tear his eyes from the man who wears a strange combination of old pair of converse shoes and a suit, the man who's hair had been flattened by the rain and who is the most spectacular thing there is in the universe.


Finally he speaks, almost whispering.




John wonders if he should jump around in pure ecstasy, but decides that it would propably be offensive in this situation, so instead he just says: ”Thank you” in the most serious tone he can.


”Just remember, if you get lost, it's not in my responsibility!” The Doctor reminds, and John could swear that he saw a glimpse of smile on his face.


”I swear.”


”Get aboard then John...”


”John Jackson” John answers quickly.


”I do hope you're worth it, John Jackson.”


John grins and they step inside together.


”It is bigger on the inside!” the familiar words leave his lips as soon as they're there.


But the Doctor is too lost in his eyes to hear it.

Too lost in those brown eyes that resemble Rose's so, so, so much and he starts to wonder if this was wise after all...


But as he watches John dance around the suprisingly big space inside such small police box, he realizes that the boy was right.


He could never do this alone.


Please comment, this was my first attempt at writing something a bit longer...

Title: Time And Other Abstract Things 1/2
Summary: A story of what happened to Rose after "Doomsday". The fic assumes that none of the things after that episode ever happened, including Donna appearing into the Tardis. So complitely AU.
Pairing: The Doctor/Rose, OC/Rose
Characters: Rose, The Doctor, few OC:s
Rating: From G to PC-13, I think?
Spoilers: 1st and 2nd season.
Warnings: Not exactly a happy ending...
Disclaimer: I own nothing and the plot from Prologue on is complitely fictional and never happened in the actual series
Betas: None :( If someone wants to be my beta, it would be more than amazing! English isn't my first language, and I still got lots of learning to do!

A/N: So I was too lazy to find out the actual dates for the oncoming title. I'm sorry for all the errors that there still are in the story.

Prologue can be found here:  http://sofia-rock.livejournal.com/2204.html


19.6.2022, London, Great-Britain


Lacer Street, London. Normal block of flats, friendly neighbourhood. A nice park with all it's green trees and bushes just a few quarts away, good buss communications to the city centre. Many kids, right now few of them playing outside, some of them are swinging, others having a battle with wooden swords and a few girls with blonde curls and bobbed hair glimbing into the trees to grab some wagtail eggs.


It is all perfect.


A blonde mum stucks her head out of the window. She looks at the kids for a moment, obviously looking for something. Then her eyes find a little kid in the middle of the sword-fight centre. She smiles warm-heartedly.


”John, dear! It's time for dinner, your dad's gonna be 'ere in any minute now!”


A little, maybe 5 years old brown haired boy turns his head quickly to see who's shouting at him.


”Just a few seconds!” he says and grabs tightly to his precious wooden sword.


”Okay, but only a few! Go tell Riette she has to come too.” Rose says and smiles even more widely, as John nodds. He says a quick ”See ya” to his friends and then runs off to inform his sister that there is gonna be food soon.


John is indeed 5 years old, and his sister, Harriette is 7.

Their father, Noah Jackson, originally from Liverpool, is an agent of newly reformed Torchwood London. At the moment he's investigating an interesting case, which icludes little aliens that can rerform after being thrown into cold water.

Rose is having her well deserved 2 weeks off now, when the kids have a summer holiday. She works for Torchwood too, and that was also where she had met Noah. They immediately had a special kind of connection, but Rose was still backing off a bit, until she had a long conversation with her parents.

Then was the day Jackie first told her about the improved retcon. An amnesia pill, that could make you forget things. That she could forget it all, The Doctor, the war, the horror, the pain. Not everything, just those terrible things, and start to live a normal life. Jackie added, that she would like her to take it.

After considering it for the longest time, she marched into Torchwood with her mum and got three little pills. So little, so innocent...


Not very long after that she and Noah had their first date. Things went traditionally from that on, and after six months, they moved into same appartment. They got engaged after a year, on Christmas Eve and got married next summer. Mickey was the best man, Rose's dad Pete was about to explode from proudness and Rose's mum Jackie was crying for the whole day, which Rose found really embarassing.

Not long after that, their first child Harriette Ann Jackson was born, and they moved to the Lacer Street apartment. Mickey was chosen to be the godfather and Sarah-Jane Smith the godmother. Harriette's little brother John Willow Jackson was born two years after his sister. Harriette and Rose's new brother Tony were now best friends and they all visited each other at least every week.


A happy family.


The doorbell rings. Rose closes the window and runs to open the door.


”How many times do I have to tell ya? Keep your keys with you, I might not be able to get the door!”


John wrinckles his nose. ”Yes mom!”


Riette pushes her brother inside and starts to get her jacket off.


”What food do we have? I'm not eating any beans!”


”I want to eat chicken and potatos!” John whines.


”We're going to have chinese, that alright with you two?” Rose asks, her hands on her hips.


”I don't like it.” says John.


”Look, mum, me and Jasmine found wagtail eggs!”


”Ooh, sis! Show me!”


”No, they're mine.”


”But you're my sister!”


”Well, if I'd had a choice, I wouldn't be!”


”You're being mean again!” John is starting to get teary.


”No I'm not!”


”Are too!”


”Sod off!”


”Enough!” Rose shouts. ”You two, shut your mouths! We're having Chinese and that's it. To the kitchen!” She points at the kitchen door. The two kids tho, don't move an inch.


”Well, c'mon, off you go!”


Finally they start to walk. The kitchen is to the left from the enterance hall, and quite big.

Riette and John sit down on a chair, and at the same moment they hear a key turning in the lock.


”It's daddy!” John screams excitedly.


It is indeed Noah, who opens the door and steps inside.


”I'm home!” he shouts. Rose rushes to the entrence hall wearing a big smile.


”It was about time!” she says and Noah pulls her closer to a kiss.


”C'mon, the food is getting cold! How was your day?” Rose babbles as she drags Noah from the wrist to the kitchen. Noah and the kids laugh, and he sits to the table as well. He tells as much as he can about his day (He and Rose have decided that John and Riette deserve to know at least something about their job) as they all start to eat their food.


The whole day Rose tries her best not to cry, and finally, when she's said good night to the kids and Noah, she runs to the attick and locks the door.

She goes to a big wooden chest and opens it carefully. Right there, in the chest is a pair of normal looking keys.

The Tardis keys.

Rose picks them up and breathes in deep, trying to calm herself down.

It's been 15 years since they last met, and there hasn't been one day that Rose hasn't been thinking of him.


I still miss you” she whispers to the keys. She laughs a bit to her own stupidness. Here I am, talking to keys! I must be out of my mind.

”I hope you miss me too, but not like I miss you. I wouldn't wish that to anyone, it's far too painful. It's like someone is ripping my heart in two, every day, every second. I hope you can forgive me for being so weak but... I can't help thinking it would be easier if you were just dead.” She's sitting, her back against the wall and holding the keys like they are the only thing that keep her from falling.

”John's been a bit clumsy, but overall today has been okay.” She looks up. ”Considering...”








This can't be!


Bring him back!


Bring him back!


Please, few seconds!





”I'm getting old, Doctor, I'm getting so old... My memories are fading, my feelings are fading.

You know, my biggest fear... My biggest fear is, that one day I won't feel it! My pain, my loss, my mourning for you. That I'll get over it. That I'll settle down to what always was, what's been ment to be for me. Maybe someday soon it will happen.

But for now, I think about you with every touch and every word. I think about how much more there would've been for us if the war hadn't come and if I had kept on traveling with you.

When you dissapeared, I did what I was expected to. Got depressed, ”took” the retcon and eventually started dating other lads. I started going out, I started my work in Torchwood London, I built a new life.

Basically, I got over it.

I got married, I got two wonderful kids, and Noah, and I love them with all my heart, I really do, but...

But please, time seems to go so slow without you here. I'm stuck in time and other abstract things, surrounded by rifts and cracks but none of them are big enough for me to get through the wall.

You've turned me into quicksand, Doctor. I run, I run so fast when the others are standing still, but the most hurtful thing is that I can't run fast enough to catch you.

They kept telling me that I should forget, but I couldn't do it, I couldn't! They asked ”Do you still miss The Doctor” and I answered ”Doctor who?” and they were happy with it, and so was I. So was contiousness, but not my soul, not my mind.

You know what it's like to be locked inside your head, don't you?

I loved you in vain, and now I curse my immortality that you created, the heart that gets forgotten when my body dies.

It was ment to be given to you, but now it goes to waste.

There's nothing you can do, love. There are few things you can't turn around.

Time and space.

And me and the time war.

You can't change us. You can't save us.

Melodramatic, I know, but I just can't get off this elevator, I'm floating, grabbing to a metallic wire between high and low, up and down.

But you're on the left, on the wall-side, and I realize only now, that forever was never an option to me...

It was an option to only you.”


There's someone on the door, Rose realizes. She turns to look and sees John staring at her, terrified expression on his face.


”What are you doing, mummy?”


Oh God, no. Oh John, I'm so sorry. Rose feels so ashamed.


”What? Nothing. What's wrong Johnny, can't you sleep?” She asks, trying to sound normal.


”You're doing it again, aren't cha?” John asks, saddened.


”Doin' wha', sweetheart?


”You're talking to him. Talking to the Doctor.”


Rose feels her heart jumping so high, her pulse fastening...


”I don't know what you're talking about.” she says coldly.


John looks worried.


”What's wrong, mummy?”


”Nothing, nothing is wrong. You're tired, it's over midnight, go back to sleep”


John turns around. He looks over his shoulder one last time:


”Okay then... Mum, I...”


Rose looks at him, waiting.


”I love you.”


And Rose breaks down inside.


”I love you too, Johnny, I love you so much. Now, go back to sleep, I'll be there in a minute to kiss you goodnight.”


And John goes, leaving Rose alone thinking spinning thoughts and sobbing.


Just a few seconds...







The Doctor stares at the monitor for five minutes, until he realizes he doesn't see anything. The tears have blurred his eyes complitely and his hands are numb from holding on the Tardis console table too tightly.


He's sorry, he's so terribly sorry.


Right now he wishes that he had only one heart. Is it possible that the more hearts you have, the more it hurts? At least it feels like it.

He blinks his eyes so fast, trying to get rid of the salty tears, but they just keep pouring from his eyes, he can't stop them...


This calls for a trip. But where to go? Barcelona? It won't feel the same now, he knows that much.

Stupid Tardis keys! More specifically, stupid Tardis key one-way microphones!

He's hearts ache when he thinks how easy it would be just to reach out and answer her. But he can't.

He can't do it, there is a wall between their worlds, it just works the other way around, Rose can talk to him, but he can't talk to Rose. And he doubts Rose even knows that he can really hear her, every word she says.


If he only could go back in time to grab Rose himself, stop this all from happening somehow, but he can't. Rule 1, you can't move back- or forward inside your own timeline, it would epxlode everything, destroy everything he's worked for, so it can't be done.

Then it hits him.


He could go back to see...


Yes, that's what he's gonna do!


The Doctor pulls from a level, writes the cordinates and prays from his hearts that this time he will go to right place. The Tardis starts reacting and the Doctor almost dances around the console and reaches out to push the important buttons and pull the important levels.

And finally he's there. He opens the door and steps outside.


It's darker than what he expected, but he can see immediately that he is, indeed in London.

But what year?



”Oh Shareen, seriously!” Rose giggles. ”He wouldn't even look at me twice! Besides, I'm already with Mickey!”


”I swear” says the girl who Rose called Shareen. ”He told me that, and you know how shy he is when it comes to girls! He wouldn't lie, I know that, and you know that too.”


”Aww, I wouldn't mind if he liked me, he's so cute” A red haired, third girl giggles. ”Besides, you've been with Mickey for ages, isn't it time for a change?”


”Hannah, you slut! I love Mickey, I really do. And besides we still have time to break up in the future, I'm only fifteen!” Rose says as they walk down a narrow alley. From time to time Shareen gives a bottle of wine either to Rose or Hannah, and they giggle even more with every sip.


”Yeah, leave Rose be, Mickey is nice” Shareen says, taking a sip from the bottle.


”I know he is, but...”


”Oh, shut it you two! Let's not talk about Mickey tonight!” Rose laughs as they turn left from the corner.


Then it happens.


”Ouch!” Rose screams and looks up to see who she had run into.


”Oh” the man says. He's wearing a long trench coat and a brown suit with a blue tie. He has great hair and red Converse shoes. Quite handsome. Actually, very handsome.


”I'm really sorry” Rose says and blushes. Shareen and Hannah start to giggle.


”Oh no no no, it was my fault!” the man says quickly and looks suprisedly at the wine bottle.


”It sure wasn't your fault, our Rose is like that, a bit clumsy she is” Shareen says with a smile and winks at Rose. She blushes even more. The night air feels suddenly a bit chilly, and she shudders in her white top, jean skirt and high heels.


”He's a cute one” Hannah whispers quietly, but the Doctor has a great hearing, and he blushes too.


”I... How old are you... Rose?” he asks and as the girls look at him with a bit frightened expressions realizes what he had sounded like.


”Oh, I don't mean like that, I just... Isn't it a bit late?” he says quickly. The girls seem relieved.


”Me and Hannah are fifteen, Shareen is sixteen” Rose answers. ”Anyway, we better get going.”


”Yes yes, of course... Fifteen, it must be the year 2000...” The Doctor mutters. Rose, Hannah and Shareen look at him oddly.


”Anyway, it was nice to meet you, mr...?” Rose starts.


”Oh, I'm The Doctor! Just the Doctor” the Doctor says. ”It was really nice to meet you Rose, you wouldn't belive how nice” he smiles a sad smile and suddenly takes Rose by the hand and shakes it. Rose shakes back, confused.


”Bye then, Doctor” she says, and she and her friends continue to walk towards the buss station.

Within fifteen minutes, the girls have complitely forgotten the strange man called the Doctor.


”Bye then, Rose Tyler” The Doctor whispers, and when the girls have gone out of sight, he continues, finally saying the words he never had a chance to say before.


Here it was, will be posting the final part soon...
Title: Time And Other Abstract Things ?/2
Summary: A story of what happened to Rose after "Doomsday". The fic assumes that none of the things after that episode ever happened, including Donna appearing into the Tardis. So complitely AU.
Pairing: The Doctor/Rose, OC/Rose
Characters: Rose, The Doctor, few OC:s
Rating: From G to PC-13, I think?
Spoilers: 1st and 2nd season.
Warnings: Not exactly a happy ending...
Disclaimer: I own nothing and the plot from Prologue on is complitely fictional and never happened in the actual series
Betas: None :( If someone wants to be my beta, it would be more than amazing! English isn't my first language, and I still got lots of learning to do!

A/N: So I was too lazy to find out the actual dates for the oncoming title. I'm sorry for all the errors that there still are in the story. I'll post the Prologue first, and if anyone's interested, I can post the rest of the story too.

EDIT: Next part: http://sofia-rock.livejournal.com/2530.html


20.6.2007, Bad Wolf Bay, Norway

”I love you”

Rose bursts the truth out before she can stop herself. The Doctor looks at her with such unbearable sorrow in his deep brown, hypnotic eyes. My God, he looks so old!
Rose feels old too. How long has it been since they met? She doesn't remember, but it feels like forever, and she hopes from the bottom of her human heart that it would've stayed that way, been forever.
Everything must end, the Doctor had said, but why so soon?
Maybe there's a way... She thought that he was gone for good for a year, but now they did meet again. Maybe there's a chance that...?
But it takes one look into the Doctor's eyes to tell Rose that this is it. This is the last time, there is no way that they are ever going to see each other.
And she can't even touch him, kiss him, hold him... But she can tell him that she loves him. All this time she's been hesitating, fearing that the Doctor's not gonna feel the same, that things are gonna get awkward between them and that he will eventually leave her behind.
Not that it matters anyway, now that he's gonna... That he will... That they will never... Oh God!

At least now he knows.
That's a good thing, right? Rose thinks in a dizzy confusion, her eyes heavy with tears. Now I'm not left alone wondering ”what if, what if,” why I never said it, at night when I'm trying to sleep... Like I did for the past year, over and over again.

”Quite right too” the Doctor says and Rose breathes in deep, shaking gasps and she literally feels her heart breaking in two. Is he gonna say it? All this time and I never said it, could it be possible that he...

”I guess this is the last chance to say it... Rose Tyler, I...”


This can't be!

Bring him back!

Bring him back!

Please, few seconds!

Rose falls to her knees.
She has not ever, in her entire life felt so devastatingly small and painful. She just wants to scream and never stop, grab the sand around her and suffocate. All the pain inside her explodes in a blink of an eye and by the time her mother and Mickey run to help her, she doesn't see or feel them anywhere near her.

She faintly realizes, for the first time clearly, how truly alone she is.

There it was... This just was the beginning, mind you!


Title: Something
Summary: Set in the end of season 3, where thoughts run through The Doctors head, when he sees the Master being shot.
Characters: Doctor, Master, everyone that were present in "The Last of the Timelords"
Rating: G?
Spoilers: "The Last of the Timelords"
Warnings: Angst. Lots of it!
Disclaimer: I own nothing blah blah blah
Betas: None :( If someone wants to be my beta, it would be more than amazing! English isn't my first language, and I still got lots of learning to do!

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy!

Part 2 from the Master's POV: http://sofia-rock.livejournal.com/2872.html


That crazy, insane, mad...!

The Doctor had thought he was dead. He couldn't still, after a year (a blink of an eye for them) belive that he was here. That he saw those eyes glaring at him once again. That he heard that voice.

That voice that isn't the same, those eyes, that are now your eyes...

The other Time Lord had changed so much, so many times that there wasn't anything left of who he was then. When he was his own. When they were two rebels against the universe, against everything!
But he couldn't deny that he had changed himself. He had lost things, people. He could not help them. They had all slipped right through his fingers, his children, his little birds, people who had loved him and people who he had loved back in his own way.
But he was not going to lose that man. That was the only thing he couldn't stand, wouldn't stand, he would not let that happen again, not ever!

Like Rose let go of my hand...

He saw those eyes staring...
The Doctor stared back the best he could, searching, hoping to find something, even a little, tiny sign that there was something good left in him. Something that could help him convince the Master that he didn't mean any of this to happen, that all he wanted, all he needed right now was him.

But he didn't find anything.
Nothing. All blank. His eyes were empty, void of any kind of emotion apart from cruel amusement.
And it was tearing his mind apart.

Please. Please, don't slip away from me, not now, not when I need you the most, not when I have finally found you, when you have finally found me!

The Doctor never begged. And the Master never listened. They were far too proud, too much the same, even though neither of them would never admit it to anyone.
He wanted to pull the other Time Lord closer, so close he could feel those hearts beating, two hearts... They were the only ones left now...

In a blink of an eye, just when I had forgiven you...

The Doctor hardly understood that it was Lucy standing just a few meters away, pointing a gun. He was all dizzy and he just wanted to have back his everything, everything that he had loved, everything that was his.

Don't desert me now.
Not now, when I have lost everything else.


I really hope you could comment, this is the second fanfic I've ever written :) And please tell me if (when xD) you find errors!

Beside you and the Sun (Kirk/Spock)

Pairing: Spock/Kirk
Rating: none
Notes: This is the first Kirk/Spock fic I've ever written, and I wrote it after I had seen 'The Wrath of Khan', and that explains the ending...

Beside you and the Sun

It goes on and on and on. Spock can't stop looking at him. Looking at the way he moves, the way his lips move when he talks, they way he gives orders to the crew... A Vulcan can not act like that! He tries to keep him out of his thoughts, and is usually succesful... unless he sees him. Everytime Spock sees Captain James T. Kirk smile, he remembers how he wore that same smile when they kissed the first time.

”Captain, I... I must apologize the way I feel. I understand if you wish to end our friendship and denounce me, this is not an appropriate way for a First Officer to act.” Spock swallowed hard. He had finally decided to reveal his feelings for Jim. He had tried to deny them for too many years and was not going to loose his mind because of them. Everyone had weaknesses and even though Spock liked to convince he had none, his weakness was, that he had fallen in love with his Captain.

And Kirk just stared.

”Why Spock, you don't have to apologize” he finally said and was suddenly so very close... Spock felt his breath hardening when he just looked into those eyes. He didn't know what to do, when the Captain pulled him against the wall and locked his arms around his neck.

”Yo- you too?” He asked in dazzled amazement. Jim smiled.

”Yes, Spock, ever since we first met... But why the hell haven't you told me anything?”

”I- You've had a number of female companions and... As you know, Vulcans are not supposed... to feel.”

”But you feel for me?” Spock nodded and Jim bent closer. And then they kissed for the first time.

”Jim, I...”

”Please, don't say anything” Kirk whispered and led him to the bed. ”I don't want to hear your Vulcan logic right now.”

And that was when they made love for the first time and after that they slept the whole night in each others arms.
And it was the first time Spock felt happy.
All those lights in the sky... And they could reach them all together.
Spock looks at Jim sitting in the Captain's chair. He wants to tell him how much he wants him right now. He wants Jim to be everything for him, just because Jim makes him weak, he makes him pure, he makes him want to lie in the bed all day and just listen to him breathe.
Because he makes Spock feel in this dark cold lack of air. He wants to tell him that, but he knows Jim knows that already. He just wants him to be the last thing he remembers when he leaves this world...
Yes, when Spock dies, he wants Jim to hold his hand and tell him it's all right.


A bit cheesy I know... :P But tell me what you think! :P